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Welcome virtual fundraiser!

By using this collection box you will be raising funds for the Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Give your friends, acquaintances and even strangers the opportunity to make a donation and watch your virtual collection box fill up. You may like to embed the collection box on your own Web page or on a company Website. All donations go through a secure Internet bank to be paid directly into the Disaster Relief Fund account. Thank you for helping.

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What to do

  1. Set up your own collection box using the form on the right.
  2. You will get a link where you and others can make donations to your collection box and you can see your collection growing. At the same time, you will receive instructions telling you how to embed the collection box on your Web page or blog.
  3. Invite your various networks to join you in helping people in need. The total of money donated through your collection box will update in real time.
  4. Keep collecting for as long as you want. The Red Cross will ensure that the aid reaches those in need.